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10 basic qualities about ukrainian girls

1. They are very resilient and they have a good sense of humor;

2. Hardworking , honest and diligent. Dozens of thousands girls wanting to provide for themselves and their family material goods, went to work in Poland, Italy, Portugal, Germany. Their hard work is well known to the inhabitants of these countries;

3. Ukrainian nation belong to one of the most beautiful girls in the world. This is well recognized the whole world, Ukrainian sailors who sail around the world say the same;

4. They are carefully watching their appearance, because they love to look beautiful and their wages are fully spent on fitness clubs, fashionable clothing and cosmetics;

5. Very emotional, sincere and open;

6. They are lovely hostess and usually like to cook. Foreigners who counted only dumplings and borscht, never ceases to amaze their culinary dishes beauties;

7. Have a good education, wise and well bred. According to statistics, 85 out of 100 Ukrainian women will have higher education

8. Shopping addiction. Men say that Ukrainian girls are very fond of buying new things, but they have an amazing ability to buy them very cheaply and find sales;

9. They are characterized by an innate maternal affection for their children, they dream from the very childhood of creating a happy family and appreciate the family comfort, as brought up in the classical traditions of family values. They are caring mothers and faithful wife's;

10. They have a kind and generous heart full of love for all.

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