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Advice for men:

1. Be sincere, girls feel it. Be active - can meet lots of girls. Be enterprising - do not wait until she writes the first message. Be original - surprises her.

2. Decide on the type of girl you are looking for: what qualities in her more attracted to you, what country, from a small or a big city, how many years it should be, etc. If you know exactly what you want, you will be easier to make your choice and find the person who would fit your needs and with whom you can build relationships.

3. Your first letter to the ukrainian girl should not be too long, or vice versa - too short. Be polite. Notify basic facts about yourself. Ask about what you are most interested in her questionnaire, she spends free time. Find something special in it. If a girl is attractive not write something like \"you're so beautiful\" or \"you have such beautiful eyes\", etc. She knows about it and heard it already from other men hundreds of times. Try to write a letter so that interested women and she wanted to respond to you.

4. If you discover there was an unsuccessful attempt on our site, or some other Internet resources, do not stop there. Search girl with whom you would like to spend the rest of his life - not an easy task, requiring your purposeful work. Continue to communicate with the other girls. Our database is updated daily by tens and hundreds of new girls.

5. Carefully select the photos you want to share with the girls, they form a first impression about you. They must be of good quality. Most often praised girls put on those photos where you are happy and smiling. It is important to understand that when you build the image of the girl's head in the picture will be drawn, starting from your photos.

6. Get yourself. If you pretend to be, sooner or later get tired of wearing this mask. After all, it is important to have loved you and not cast image. As time passes, you better get to know each other, and if it is your spouse, the relationship certainly last until the wedding.

7. After exchanging a few letters when you know something about the girl and feel easy and comfortable in dealing with it, we recommend you call the girl to establish a more personal touch.

8. If the mutual interest, pleasant correspondence, phone calls with the girl you decide to come to meet her in her city, she will appreciate this act. Besides you will be able to see it in normal conditions, its homeland, to feel its culture, to meet with her friends and parents.

9. Remember her private space. In Slavic countries not accepted hugging, kissing or even touching the person you recently learned and still do not feel it to a certain level of trust. This can hurt a Woman, or at least it will seem strange.

10. Bet in several directions. If you liked the same few girls learn better recommend each of them, in the event of your visit to Ukraine at the meetings you could \"live\" to choose between them.

Our site is not a field of wonders - it all depends on you!

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