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Tips for Completing Your Profile

In order to be successful on a dating site, you should have your profile completed correctly. According to experts, the reaction of a girl will depend in 70% not on what you write to her, but on your photos and your profile information.

It is important to be aware that women determine by your avatar whether it is worth communicating with you and whether to answer your first message at all, especially if it was poor. When your profile displays only one self-taken with a 1.3 MP camera photo of you jogging after sunset, you have poor chances for a successful acquaintance. A big mistake for both men and women is that they do not see a selection of their photos with someone else’s eyes. According to our observations, rather frequent are shots taken in poor quality, not clear, with insufficient lighting and with strangers in the background.

The photos in your album must be of a very high quality: ideally shot on a modern reflex camera with a good portrait lens, better still professionally processed. If you have no decent photographer among your acquaintances who would arrange a small photo shoot for you, at first you can manage with successful mobile phone shots (with a no lower than 8 MP camera). Some simple tips will help you always have a good look in a shot, no matter what you look like. Before taking pictures, you need to make some preparations – make a haircut and pick out clothes that make you look good. A natural smile makes the man: make sure you smile when photographed. You can significantly improve your photos, if you learn to use image editors (but do not get carried away by them). Another way to make a successful shot is to emulate the shot depicting one of the photogenic celebrities. It is essential that you look natural on your photo, and have bright eyes, i.e. expressing emotions of joy, thoughtfulness, boldness, etc.

It is recommended that you upload to the site from 15 to 25 photos, the themes of which would allow you to take part in all competitions available (this will increase your popularity among women).

Simultaneously with the selection of pictures, you need to fill in the section about yourself. It should be noted that most guys do not attach much importance to qualitative filling of information about themselves, either because of laziness or due to lack of imagination, or even because they are not serious about the possibility to meet someone on the Internet. Remember that if you get a girl interested in you, she is sure to review your profile, after which she will get a certain opinion about you.

To effectively acquaint with beautiful and intelligent women, you need to be able to stand out among other admirers of Russian and Ukrainian brides. It is recommended to make it clear (not to be confused with "to write") in your profile that you are successful, self-sufficient, happy, pretty determined, have a sense of humor, have specific hobbies, are popular with other women, as well as open for new acquaintances and new journeys. You should not write that you are a very good, smart, kind, handsome, nice guy, etc. Even if you are, the girl is supposed to draw her own conclusions about the qualities you possess.

It would also be a good idea for you to write a couple of cool phrases about yourself, that will make the girls smile while reading, moreover it will increase her interest in you. Examples: "I am a weapon of mass distraction", "I’ve lived too long below the hazard line", "Communication with me will cause irreversible changes in your brain", etc. You’d better come up with something of your own.

After you have uploaded good pictures and put your profile in order, you can proceed to the writing of your first message to the girl you liked.

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