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Tips for Writing the First Message to Girl

After you have qualitatively filled your profile, you can start communicating with the girls. But what has to be written in your first message to the one you liked?

You probably will be surprised, but the majority of women registered on our dating site claim that men usually write in their first message after the word "Hello" some trite phrases like "Can I meet you?" "How are you?" "What are you doing?" or simply "You're beautiful." If you write to an attractive and interesting lady a message like that, your chances to get her turn her attention to you are slim.

Before getting acquainted, we recommend that you take some time to study the profile of the girl. This will help identify the range of her interests, her financial position, as well as her social status. In doing so, you should pay attention to both the description of her profile and the details in her photos. It is important that your message is highlighted among dozens of other phrases that any beautiful woman hears during her day at work, in public transport, as well as receives from men from the dating site, VKontakte, Facebook, Viber, Skype, etc.

So, you need to have skills in writing an original message for each situation and inventing something new for each individual girl. For example, in the "Model Photos" contest, the first places of which are taken by very good looking women, in 95% of cases men write something like "Hello, you’ve got beautiful eyes / lips / smile" or "You are very beautiful". As a result, she usually responds to such a comment with "Thanks" or "Thank you, I know".

With a girl of a high value to you, you have to communicate on an equal footing and without making common compliments to her, praising her beauty. Lifting a woman at the initial stage of acquaintance is not the best way to get to know her, and communication of the kind is likely to fail. Do not put her above yourself, you are equal. The correct message from the point of view of effective building of communication will be the one that does not show your interest in the girl. If you do want to pay her a compliment, it should be funny, non-typical and with emphasis on some specific feature of hers.

In order for your correspondence to continue, the message should also be open, and not be reduced to a one word answer. Also, do not load a woman down with complex questions at the beginning of communication; she is supposed to answer the first message immediately and without hesitation. In this case, your text should not contain errors, since Russian and Ukrainian girls, as a rule, have got a good knowledge of English grammar. If you are not sure about your spelling, use spell-checkers.

Another common mistake: until you are taken for an interesting guy, do not rush to go on personal topics in your first messages. Thus, the text should not contain vulgar stuff or hints of intimacy. With doing so, you risk repelling a beautiful girl and being added to the "ignore list". You should avoid being obtrusive, even if your goal is to get sex. Your first questions should rather be on social topics: weather, world news, real estate prices, etc.

Female creatures are pretty curious, ever eager to learn something new about them. At the initial stage of acquaintance, for a woman to be willing to continue corresponding with you, you can involve intrigue. In this case, the easiest way to intrigue her would be asking questions about herself. Like "Today I’ve accidentally come across your page, and am tormented by a question..." After she responds with "What question?" write anything unrelated to her appearance (for beautiful girls). Likewise, you can engage her in an intrigue about some personal quality of hers, discerned by you alone, which you are certainly not going to immediately disclose to her. Example: "So that's what you’re like... I couldn’t even believe that at once."

Also, during the correspondence it is important to make the girl smile and laugh as one of the best ways to relieve tension. In addition, if you manage to cheer her up and give her emotions, this will increase her confidence in you.

Any woman cares about what people around think of her, including men. If you slightly tease the girl with a peculiar phrase, it will catch her and get her to make excuses. In which case, the message should not touch on those physical parameters and circumstances that the woman is unable to change. It is crucial here not to cross that line which provokes resentment; otherwise the first message can become the last one. For instance, for girls with an inflated self-worth, you can make use of phrases like, "What a beautiful dress, just like my granny wears" or "A nice iPhone, is it really yours?"

So, we have considered the basic rules of writing the first message to Russian and Ukrainian girls, following which you will increase your chances of getting successful acquaintance. Our advice is not to drag out the correspondence; your goal is to get her contact list for communication in Skype, as well as for a possible meet.

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